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Litovit – K®  Biologically active food supplement

 高品質、純粋、天然ヨード入り、活性BIO ゼオライトタブレット



  “Litovit – K®高品質ゼオライト + 天然ヨウ素ゼオライトタブレット

     毎日の生活には欠かせないミネラル 天然ヨード(ヨウ素)海藻昆布豊富含まれています


● シベリア産天然ゼオライトクリノプチロライ)を使用!


● 遺伝子組み換された原料は一切不使用!

● (特許技術)ナチュラル洗浄


 ISO 9001 : 2008 認証のもと品質管理が徹底されております

● ロシア連邦 消費者保護と監督省 福祉医療社会開発省
  より安全性が確認されております。 Technical specifications:  9197-001-16925875-05,  9197-004-16925875-06


● 25年以上もの研究実績に基づいた安全開発


● 医薬品ではございません




  •  55% 天然ゼオライト クリノプチロライト
  •  45% 天然 ヨウ素 ( 海藻科:laminaria saccharina)

 容  量:  140g

仕  様:  タブレット状 280pcs     


カロリー:  11.2Kcal              










The Reserch and Production “NOV” Co.Ltd. 製造


“Litovit – K®Biologically active food supplement 

l  It is not a medication
l  Contains no genetically modified sources

l  Safety confirmed by Russian Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and 
    Welfare and Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation

l  Quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard 
Technical specifications 9197-004-16925875-06Composition:


Natural zeolite – 55.0%

Blades of laminaria saccharina – 45.0% 


Net weight 140 g

Presentation: tablet, 0.5 g each; 280 pcs


The product can be used as biologically active food supplement – source of iodine, ferrum, manganese, zeolite

Promotes metabolism of iodine (Experts’ conclusion of the Russian Academy of Medical Science and the Head Department of the Research Institute of Nutrition No. 72/E-8356/b-06 dated May 25, 2006)


Neutralizes toxic substance in the organism

Improves intake of biologically active substances

Normalizes the amount of micro and macro elements in the organism

 Use recommendations:

Adults should take 1pill 2 times a day during meals, the pill should be masticated and be taken together with 1/2 – 1 glass of liquid. The supplement must be taken 1.5 – 2 hours before or after taking medications.


Course duration – 1 month

Consult the doctor before taking the BAFS


Individual intolerance of the BAFS components

acute stage of gastric ulcer

duodenum ulcer

acute nephritis


simultaneous taking of iodine-containing medications

Hashimoto thyroiditis 

Recommended dose of BAFS provides:

  • 193% (290 mcg) of the organism’s 24-hour requirement of Iodine, which does not   exceed the maximum 
    permissible consumption value (1000mcg)


  • 172% (24.2mg) of the organism’s requirement of ferrum, which does not exceed the maximum permissible
    consumption value (45mg) 


  • 6% of the organism’s requirement of manganese

Caloric value:

8.0 Kcal per 100 g of product.

Storage condition:

The product must be stored in a cool dry place in its tightly closed package at a temperature of

+25°C and relative humidity of air not higher than 75.0%.

Sales terms:

The product must be sold at pharmacy networks, and special retail stores.

 State registration certificate:


Date of issue: July 26, 2006


The Reserch and Production “NOV” Co.Ltd.

53 Karamzina str. 630005,

Novosibirsk, Russ







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